Main panel III: Re-thinking the Role and Impact of Transitional Justice Efforts

Aim of the discussion:

Having in mind that the negation and minimization of war crimes together with the fight against oblivion continues for decades, the aim of this discussion is to re-think the existing efforts of key players in the field of transitional justice and the achievements within the four pillars of transitional justice (truth-seeking, justice, reparations for the victims and their families and guarantees of non-repetition in the future). Transitional justice mechanisms are being neglected by state institutions and curriculums across the region while the interest of youth in dealing with the past is decreasing. Young people are spending most of their time online, which therefore leaves them more prone to disinformation campaigns, fake news, and propaganda. Dealing with the past has been led by civil society for more than two decades with minimum support of the institutions and political representatives. To “look into the future” is the most common phrase among state representatives that overlooks the foundations we need to establish for sustainable peace. There is a need for new approaches and ways to engage new generations in the peace-building process and provide justice for the victims.

Key questions to be discussed

  • What has been done so far? What has prevented us from doing more?
  • What are new forms through which we can honor victims and build peace? What is the role of art in dealing with the past processes?
  • What is our role in the conflicts that are occurring nowadays? Should we be more vocal when we call for peace and remembrance? Have we raised our voices high enough?
  • What is our role in the prevention of future conflicts and atrocities?


  • Marija Bulat – Head of RYCO Local Branch Office in Belgrade
  • Jasminko Halilovic – Founder and Director, War Childhood Museum
  • Maja Davidovic – Lecturer in International Relations, Cardiff University
  • Nora Ahmetaj – Human Rights Activist, Feminist and Restorative Justice Researcher


  • Serbeze Haxhiaj – Journalist, RTK


May 14 @ 15:30
15:30 — 17:00 (1h 30′)

Musical Center

Mr. Jasminko Halilovic, Ms. Maja Davidovic, Ms. Marija Bulat, Ms. Nora Ahmetaj, Ms. Serbeze Haxhiaj, Podgorica Youth Summit