Domagoj Puzak

Zagreb Runners & 442 Crew (Croatia)

It didn't take long for young people from Belgrade and Zagreb to realize they have a lot more in common than ugly recent history tainted with war and aggression. Neven, Johnny, Milko, Aki and Domi created something that brought a lot of interest from both sides of the border, but also a lot of fun, love and adventures into their lives.

The later of them - Domi - did a lot of activities as a part of local running community, but also as an electrical engineer having an everyday job in raising market of electric vehicles and e-mobility. Since the foundation of 442 crew he traveled the world through running, but also got two beautiful daughters that made him even softer and even more filled with determination to leave a better world for them! Through 442 crew he, not only has a chance to do that, but he also got another family! The one he chose for himself and the one that allows him to try to make this world a better, and more peaceful place.