The Belgrade Summit Declaration

We, the young of the Western Balkans, have gathered in Belgrade to strengthen the ties between us and show our governments that cooperation is not only possible, but also necessary.

We have openly discussed the problems of past heritage, the rule of law and our role in promoting new values in our societies.

Our aim is to provide sustainable peace in the Western Balkans, based on cooperation and understanding of our mutual past and the problems our societies are facing today. In our work we will use new technologies and work on larger involvement of the media in promoting the values of the European Union.

Aware of the moment in which our region is on the threshold of being included in the most successful peace project – the European Union, we will take on the responsibility of carrying out the most important work, which is ahead of us. We will advocate the implementation of the conclusions of this Summit, which gives us the right to demand the following from those in charge:

From the Governments of the Western Balkans countries:

  1. To establish the mechanisms of transitional justice through full cooperation with the Hague Tribunal, support for war crimes trials on the national level and marking the scenes of crimes in an adequate way.
  2. To provide support for forming a regional commission for establishing facts about war crimes.
  3. To legally prevent the promotion and glorification of those charged with or convicted of war crimes, denying the genocide in Srebrenica and promoting symbols which call to violence and hate.
  4. To enable efficient implementation of all adopted laws and other legal stipulations as a necessary prerequisite for establishing the rule of law.
  5. To enable undisturbed and efficient work of independent institutions as control mechanisms and a  counter-balance to executive authorities.
  6. To fight unreservedly against all forms and types of discrimination, as well as to actively promote the culture of differences in their respective societies.
  7. To enable active participation of the young in the processes of decision-making, not only in the field of youth politics, but on all levels of society.
  8. To enable freedom of movement in the region, above all through acknowledgement of the travel  documents of Kosovo.
  9. To adopt clear policies and develop mechanisms for fighting against violence, racism, xenophobia and all other forms of hate among the young, primarily through reform of the educational systems.

 From the European Union:

  1. To make transitional justice a part of the agenda in negotiations for the countries of the region to join the EU, and for this issue not to be connected only to cooperation with the Hague Tribunal.
  2. For the criteria for establishing the rule of law in the countries of the region not to be related with the number of adopted laws, but their implementation.
  3. To make freedom of movement within and without the borders of respective countries a high priority during negotiations with the countries of the region about joining the EU.

The Declaraition was unanimously upheld at the Belgrade Summit, held from the 4th to the 6th of December, 2009, by 300 participants from Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Kosovo.