SKYS concert: Buč Kesidi + Foolish Green

On the second evening of the Skopje Youth Summit you will have a chance to hear these two amazing bands!

  • Buč Kesidi
  • Foolish Green

Left handed disco indie rock sensation Buč Kesidi from Pančevo will have their first concert in Skopje on December 4! This concert organized by Skopje Youth Summit will also be the promotion of their new studio album that will be released on November 25. The album will be available at all streaming services. For the video that announced the album band selected the song “Subota” which will be the fourth single on the new album.

The singles “Nema ljubavi u klubu”, “Đuskanje ne pomaže” and “TIHO” Buč Kesidi continue to redefine their own sound but also shift the rules of domestic production so far. All three songs attracted a lot of audience attention and made the band one of the most sought after performers from the region. In support of this, there are sixty performances during the summer, including the Main Stage of EXIT Festival and Belgrade Beer Fest, as well as the Milan Mladenovic Award nomination. At the beginning of October, it was announced that the band would represent Serbia at the famous Eurosonic festival in the Netherlands in January 2020 when they would perform together with their friends from the band Ljubičice.

Foolish Green is based on an intuitive and spontaneous inner feeling that is sonically reflected in their music. It abounds in a variety of sound textures, unconventional arrangements and challenging texts. The band’s debut album (Escape) sets the stage with two great concerts one after another in March 2013. In this album, the primary creator is Nenad Stefanoski, from whom comes the whole idea and concept of the composition, a concept that involves collaboration and exchange with many musicians and artists. Since then, the band, which has undergone several changes in composition in the initial stages of its existence, has embarked on several mini tours throughout its country, as well as through Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovakia.

December 4 @ 21:00
21:00 — 01:00 (4h)

25th of May Hall

Skopje Youth Summit