SKYS opening evening concert

Join us on the free concert for the opening evening of Skopje Youth Summit!

  • Don’t listen to your neighbors
  • Chalgia Sound System band / Чалгија Саунд Систем
  • DJ Chvare

Chalgia Sound System band / Чалгија Саунд Систем was created in 2008 and at the very beginning band set a goal: to study, analyze and play a part of the rich musical heritage: the Macedonian chalgia. Since then the band has performed chalgic songs with dedication and thoroughness and dances consistent and true to tradition.

In 2009 the band recorded their first self titled album. The band members decided to fill it with 18 songs and dances, which, incidentally, were recorded live in the Alfa TV studio. This concert became one of the best and one of the most frequently played concerts on this national television. The band simultaneously presented their work to a wide audience across the country with live performances, many concerts and club performances. Over time, the band differentiated its expression and established itself on the Macedonian scene with its distinctive individual style and approach.

The second album to be titled “TIHUVAJ” was released in June 2019, under the label of Profundus. In the second album there were 9 compositions written and arranged by the band members. The band members had a good foundation: chalgie music and instruments typical for it: canon, ut, violin, drum and vocal, but this time upgraded to modern, electronic sound. This new musical expression of the band Chalgia Sound System made a breakthrough in the new chalgia and showed in what direction they think Macedonian modern musical expression should be worn.

Don’t listen to your neighbors is a trio from Kosovo. The band came together in 2015. Along their classical training and other small musical engagements, the three musicians from Gjakova have always maintained a well-refined collection of traditional Albanian repertoire, and in the last few years they have developed quite a unique style with elements of jazz delivered through sophisticated arrangements.

It is out of their deep affinity to their inexhaustible collection of folk songs, traditional coloratura and typical Eastern European rhythms that they make possible, thanks to their musical curiosity and virtuoso performance, that well-known songs from Kosovo are heard again, of which their trio is a true representative. It is no surprise that they are now attracting more and more attention.

Born In Skopje, Macedonia in 1983, DJ Chvare grew up listening to hip hop, funk, soul, jazz and reggae.

Inspired by the old school sound of hip hop he started spinning records in local bars around Skopje when he was 17 and turned out to be one of the most distinguished DJs in Macedonia since. Having spent many years playing at all of the major local night clubs (alongside local hard-hitters and national acts alike), holding multiple residencies, DJ-ing special events and promoting his own shows, DJ Chvare has had a lot of time to develop his sound in various styles and genres with a focus on hip hop, funk and jazz.

Apart from his regular performances in Macedonia, he also performed abroad around the Balkans, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Thailand, Cyprus etc.

MKC, 21:00, Free entry

December 3 @ 21:00
21:00 — 01:00 (4h)

25th of May Hall

Skopje Youth Summit